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Cross-platform solution for any and

all devices!

Supported platforms: Android, Linux and Windows.

Connect to



Use existing databases, XML, HTML, web services, social networks and more.

Easy to use. No

prior knowledge necessary.

Simple and user-friendly web-based interface.

Intelligent Media Network


Digital Signage Software




Build once; deploy to thousands of devices.

Manage all content, regardless of hardware, through PC, tablet or phone.

New Digital Signage Software
Yes? Then you have come to the right place! 

See for yourself how simple and easy it is.

Nex Digital Signange Solution
Are you looking for advanced software to manage one or more digital displays?

Use Nex to create the most state-of-the-art user experiences and new added value for your business.

We present to you a new generation of software in the signage industry, adapted to your needs and solutions to ensure your success.

Our new, reliable and easy-to-use tool for planning successful communication campaigns is the result of the continuous monitoring of the needs, developments and trends in the digital signage industry, and many year of internal development by our own experts.

Our guiding principle was to create a reliable cross-platform solution that is simple to use and that functions on one or several thousand devices. As a result, we have created Nex, a new digital signage software that is ready-made to function in every environment and that satisfies all modern-day communication needs.

First, let your creative juices flow, and then simply create.

Create and edit content on the display of your personal computer, tablet or phone.

Simply create, edit or load static or dynamic content for effective communication with your customers. Be creative and take into account what draws the attention of your customers. See for yourself everything that you can offer them!

Set the desired parameters, with no limits.

Broadcast your content exactly where and as frequently as you wish. 

Using Nex, you can create content channels and precisely defined schedules that can be linked to each display separately. You can broadcast various content on different displays, or the same content on all displays. Content can be activated to coincide with a specific event, or can be broadcast at a certain time. You can also set the desired broadcast frequency. You can make your ideas a reality now!

And now? Store

and transmit to displays.

With one simple click, your content is stored and then transmitted to the desired displays.

Your content (video, audio, images or animations) are securely stored on our servers, which ensure that all loaded content is transmitted to a precisely defined display at the desired time. As soon as your content is updated on the server, it is automatically updated on all displays broadcasting your content. The time required for the aforementioned process depends on the speed of your internet connection. 

Centralised management: one click to several thousand locations

Nex digital advertising software facilitates the central management of a network with one or several hundred displays.

When the sun shines and the lights go out – broadcast schedule

Activate the broadcasting of your content at a precisely defined time to coincide with a specific event. When it rains, you can offer umbrellas and raincoats on all of your displays. Or you can offer beer during a football match. Content can be adapted at any time to your target audience, and can be adjusted to the habits of your customers.

Overview of previous work and content history

Nex facilitates an overview of the history of broadcast content, any time and any place.

Using a web-based interface, even the beach can be your office

Nex facilitates a web-based content management system (CMS), meaning you can access content anytime and anywhere.

Different broadcast locations, each with its own rules

Are you the owner of several branch offices? And do you take into account the local rules of business? You can broadcast content at a specific location with a single click.

Generating final broadcast reports

Nex facilitates the generation of reports in CSV Format.

Windows or Linux? Why not both?

Nex functions in Windows and Linux environments, regardless of the age or technical specifications of your hardware. The minimum requirements are a dual-core processor, 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of disk space.

Setting broadcast frequency

Do you wish to communicate a specific message more frequently than others? Do you want to broadcast that message several times? Exactly 15,000 times? There-s nothing to it! Set the desired number of broadcasts!

Multi-level management

Nex facilitates multi-level management (administrator, user and viewer).

See for yourself everything that is possible.

Targeted advertising, real-time reporting and the smart linking of various sources in one place. This is the nex(t) digital signage software!

You have the information; we know how to communicate it.

With our combined strengths, we can bring your ideas to life in the real world.

Prices for all sizes







1 to 10 players

10 to 100 players

More than 100 players

Nex New Digital Signange Software
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Contact us and we will be happy to provide you access to a free trial version of the Nex web-based interface. See for yourself everything that Nex has to offer.    

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