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Nex is simple, but we know that simplicity can also sometimes really surprises us.

  • On which platforms does Nex software function?
    Nex functions smoothly and flawlessly on Windows Linux and Android platforms.
  • What does using Nex software do for me?
    Nex supports everything you need for successful communication with your customers: 1. The broadcasting of images in various formats (JPG and PNG), 2. High-resolution video advertisements (MPEG, WMV and AVI), 3. Animations (MPEG4, WMV, AVI, MKV, BMP, SWF, etc.) and 4. Different dynamic content (HTML). It also supports flash animations, and the integration of social networks and popular RSS sources.
  • Why should I choose Nex? How does Nex differ from existing digital communication software on the market?
    Nex is really simple to use and requires minimum system resources. It can be used without any prior knowledge. The end result is always an aesthetic and complete final product. Nex also functions on Linux platforms, which is currently very rare.
  • How many displays can I manage simultaneously? Are there upper and lower limits on the number of displays and the purchase of licences?
    Absolutely not. Let’s say you are the owner of a hair salon in Bayonne, France and you need a single display to present products. You can purchase a single licence and use it to successfully communicate with your customers. The size of your network is only conditional on server capacity; there are no limits on the number of displays in terms of software.
  • Does Nex function on all displays and on different hardware? Even older hardware? Are there any special limitations in terms of hardware (displays)?
    Nex also functions on older systems, with no worry. The minimum requirements are a dual-core processor, 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of disk space. All that we recommend is a continuous internet connection and a display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • How can I begin using Nex?
    First, go to our online store at, and select the number of licences you need. Then, place your order and submit payment. You will receive all necessary data for access to your account and registration in a confirmation email sent to the address you provided. Using your personal account, you can access the content you have uploaded, created or merged into playlists any time and from anywhere using a web-based interface. In the next step, you install the Nex client on a display. You are then required to do a brief configuration of the client and another configuration on the server.
  • Is the system stable?
    Absolutely. Stability is ensured through the regular monitoring of the system. In the event of server downtime, displays at your chosen location to continue to function without interruption, as all content and actual playlists are transferred to the local environment. When the server is re-established, your location is refreshed. There is no such thing as a black display with no content. In the event that your client does not respond, a ‘watchdog’ automatically resets it.
  • How is the security of data and content ensured?
    Data are stored securely on the server, which can only be accessed by a user with a user name and password. The connection between the client and server is encrypted. The connection between the user and server is carried out via HTTPS protocol.
  • How is the security of personal data ensured?
    Your privacy is crucial to us. We thus do not request your personal data unless absolutely necessary. Those data are not shared with anyone, except in accordance with the law and for the development of our products. Your personal data are not stored on our servers, unless this is necessary for the continuous functioning of one of our services. Read our privacy rules.
  • How is the functioning of the system ensured?
    We ensure that the system functions 24/7.You are otherwise able to monitor the functioning of the system at all times on the dashboard using your personal account. You can also contact our support department at and via Skype at support_nex.
  • The management of displays at our company is the work of the communications department. Senior employees require reports regarding the broadcasting of content. Is this functionality covered?
    Absolutely. Reports today represent an important element in verifying the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You will find them under the ‘display logs’ tab in Nex. Select the desired content and set the parameters you wish to include in a report. A report captures total broadcast time, the number of displays, the number of locations, the number of total broadcasts, the number of broadcasts and time by location, etc. You export a report by clicking on ‘export report in CSV format’.
  • Our communications department would like the option of multi-level management. Is this possible with Nex?
    Yes. Nex facilitates multi-level management, which is used to assign a company’s employees various rights and access to the system. We currently facilitate three-level management of the system (administrator, user and watcher). Allocated roles determine whether the system can be managed in its entirety or in part, or whether content may only be uploaded or also approved for broadcasting, etc.)
  • Can content created in Nex (e.g. a newly created advertisement for a specific product) be transferred and used, for example, as a printed advertisement on store shelves?"
    Of course. Nex facilitates the transfer of created content to your personal computer. You can also use transferred content on your other communication channels at any time.
  • Our company would like to have a continuous overview of the functioning of a location. Is this possible?
    Yes. The dashboard can be opened as a new full-screen window. You can then monitor the status of locations on a special screen for viewing the functioning of the system.
  • I would like to find content that was uploaded three months ago. How and where is it easiest to find that content?
    An overview by content is possible with the help of a search engine. The entire Nex system is equipped with search engines, so that you can search for the desired content by content name, the name of the file to which the content was uploaded, playlists, broadcast categories, etc.
  • How do I verify within the system how much content is being broadcast in a specific play list?
    Under the ‘playlist’ tab in the system, you can verify at any time the number of content broadcasts and the length of a list, while you can even preview the content of a list.
  • A co-worker and I are jointly responsible for managing the content on displays at our branch office. How can I verify who uploaded the most recent advertisement be broadcast on a display?
    Every user account has the option of viewing the most recent account activity. Go to your profile. On the right side, you will find a list of all recent activity, including changes to a playlist. The activity list of the person who uploaded an advertisement is marked accordingly.
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