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Set the desired number or frequency of broadcasts

Set a broadcast location

Set a broadcast timetable

How you ever wanted to broadcast your content at a precisely defined time? For example, when an unexpected group of tourists enters your premises? Or in the evening, on the first day of summer? Activate the broadcasting of your content at a precisely defined time to coincide with a specific event. When it rains, you can offer umbrellas and raincoats on all of your displays. Or you can offer beer during a football match. You can broadcast best wishes on all of your displays to mark International Women’s Day, using a beautiful flowered and musical background. Content can be adapted at any time to your target audience, the younger population, young professionals or retirees. Monitor demographics and adjust content to the habits of your customers.

Are you the owner of several branch offices? And do you take into account the local rules of business? You can broadcast content at a specific location with a single click.

Do you wish to communicate a specific message more frequently than others? Do you want to broadcast that message several times? Exactly 15,000 times? There-s nothing to it! Set the desired number of broadcasts!

Your displays can also be used to broadcast local news, entertaining content and other information that you would like to present to the general public or your customers.

Integration of popular RSS sources

Breath-taking animations

Win over the undecided using all standard formats (MPEG4, WMV, AVI, MKV, BMP, SWF, etc.).




Publish and continuously broadcast attractive HD video advertisements.

Attractive video content

Integration of social networks

Do you communicate and connect with your customers via Facebook, gather likes using appealing photos on Instagram and fascinate them with new videos on YouTube? Why not broadcast all of this on your displays with no additional work?

Integration of Flash animations

With just a few clicks, Flash animations can come to life on your displays and win over the undecided!

Display an assortment of your own products in the best possible resolution and impress your customers (JPEG, PNG).

Fascinating photographs









Integration of superior external sources

Create just the right medium, and enhance your own content by broadcasting news from various web portals, short video features from a local TV station and price lists from your website, or broadcast products on sale in your online store and so much more. Your wishes can come true and your display a real news brief for your customers!

Broadcasting of the precise time and weather

Provide reliable and relevant information to enhance your own content and create added value on your own medium.

STEP 1: Upload content

Simple. Intuitive. Fast. 

STEP 2: Set broadcast parameters

Popular. Multi-level. Scalable. 

STEP 3:  Store and transmit to displays.

Fast. Secure. Reliable.


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